Grace Brown, Oh Hey Grace

Oh Hey Grace — 'Moon Gazing' in Creamy White


A glazed ceramic sculpture finished with a textural lunar glaze. Crafted using a combination of hand building and wheel thrown techniques, the piece features a hidden staircase inside and a central orb balancing on the top of the sculpture.

Grace Brown of Oh Hey Grace, is a ceramic artist based in Naarm/Melbourne. Aiming to transport the viewer to a different time, place or universe, she creates each piece through a combination of wheel throwing and hand building techniques. Drawing inspiration from dislocated civilizations, lost cities and science fiction, many of her sculptures encourage playful interaction, offering a way to connect art and mindfulness into our daily lives.

Brown has exhibited across Australia at Modern Times, Stockroom, Craft and Gallery of Small Things. She completed a Bachelor of Design at RMIT and a Masters of Primary Education at Melbourne University.

Material: ceramic, glaze

Dimensions: approx. 23.5cm x 13cm x 8cm

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