Molly Younger

Molly Younger — Handcrafted Soft Pink Bubble Tote Bag


Australian designer maker Molly Younger is known for her innovative approach to making and design. Sitting somewhere between art, sculpture and wearable fashion, each one-of-a-kind bag from Younger's new collection is handmade from natural latex moulds in Melbourne. 

To cast the bags, she applies natural latex by hand to heavy plaster moulds that look like sculptures, and reinforces the handles with cotton. Younger has been making garments and artworks for over eight years, since studying at RMIT University in Melbourne, where mould making was a focus of her work.

"My current collection of latex luggage came about as I wanted to develop accessories for everyday life, with a grounding in conceptual practice, continuing to utilise mould making, casting and latex'. 

*** Please note that on the collection presented at Craft the Molly Younger Logo is on the irregular plaster texture side, rather than the bubble side. 

Material: Latex / Paint 

Classic Tote Bag Form. 

+ Bubble Texture on one side

+ Irregular plaster texture on one side.

+ Two Straps

Dimensions: Height 47cm× Width 37cm× Depth 3cm, 69 cm strap. 19 Litre Capacity

All products are made by hand. Each is unique and as such there will be some variations in size and measurements. 


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