Minaal Lawn

Minaal Lawn — 'Not No.28 (Green)' Sculpture


"Knots have always held meaning. In Persian culture they're associated with love and connection used as a symbol of such during a wedding ceremony. But the knot didn't have such friendly connotations in the Indian folklore of my home growing up.

I distinctly remember almost walking over a knotted piece of fabric that was lying on the footpath and being warned to step back and walk around it, else it'll impart its universal repercussions on me!

The symbolism and stories that surround an object often imbue more power than the object itself. I can't help but make knots. I can't help but poke the bear. I want to take its power and claim the story for myself."

Minaal Lawn is a contemporary artist working in ceramics based in Glenlyon/Dja Dja Wurrung, Central Victoria. She makes intimate, domestic scale ceramic works that celebrate the reconciliation of her Indian heritage with her Australian upbringing. Her work explores cultural identity, through abstracted forms, and a language of colour. She references object symbolism, revisits childhood stories and her experience of living between two different cultures to ultimately celebrate their reconciliation.

Minaal has held solo exhibitions throughout Australia and had her work included in Future Inheritance for the NGV Melbourne Design Week, 2021. She has been a finalist for numerous awards and collaborated with designers to create in-store installations and product specific works.

Material: stoneware, dry glaze, pigment

Dimensions: approx. 14cm x 12cm

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