Milly Flemming - Medium Disk Hoops

Milly Flemming

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Working predominantly in sterling silver and 9ct gold, jeweller Milly Flemming plays with idiosyncrasies of form and finish as a means of imprinting her personal visual language on the simple, clean, sculptural jewellery she makes. Receiving her training from RMIT in 2008, Milly’s work is made by her own hands, from her studio on her property in Central Victoria.

Milly’s background in representing and selling the works of other makers has cultivated in her a broad appreciation of the diversity of handcrafted work, and her beautifully finished collection at Craft quietly acknowledges the nuances of such production. Forms and finishes show the hand of the maker, whilst proportions demonstrate the inherent beauty of the materials, and acknowledge a timelessness of design.


Materials: sterling silver

Dimensions: hoop diameter 2.5cm, disk diameter 1.9cm

Category: earrings

Type: Jewellery

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