Melanie Rice

Melanie Rice — Medium Blue Enamel Bangle


Melanie Rice is an Australian jeweller who graduated from Gold and Silversmithing at NMIT in 2009. Known for her exploration of colour through enamelling processes – Rice employs copper, silver and gold, to materialise the colours and textures that she feels instinctively when creating a piece of jewellery. This understanding of colour, with its ability to convey meaning and transform emotion alongside her strong understanding of materiality and process, allows for pieces wherein natural occurrence and idiosyncrasies are given space to create layers and depth to her work. 

Stocked throughout Australia and abroad, Melanie imbues each handmade piece with the joy she finds in colour and the respect for the relationship between wearer and maker.

Material: folded, enameled copper.

Dimensions: diameter 7cm, width 4cm, thickness 1.5mm. 

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