Mavro, Anny Apostilidis - Trigono Ring


After finishing the Jewellery Advanced Diploma at NMIT in 2010, Anny (Mavro Jewellery) travelled overseas and ended up living and working in New York. She fell in love with the bustling city and found endless inspiration there, as well as having opportunity to further her skills working as a jewellery outside of Australia. When she returned to Melbourne in 2012, Anny made the decision to start her own label – Mavro Jewellery, and it too is based amidst the bustle and creativity of Melbourne’s Nicholas Building.

All Mavro Jewellery pieces are made by Anny in her Melbourne studio, using only gold and silver and natural semi-precious and precious gemstones.

Every piece of Mavro Jewellery that goes out the door to its new happy home has been handmade with love and care.


Materials: sterling silver and white opal

Dimensions: size M 1/2

1 piece in stock.

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