Makiko Ryujin

Makiko Ryujin – 'Shinki Bowl', 2023


Makiko Ryujin is a Japanese artist based in Naarm/Melbourne. Inspired by her heritage she creates sacred wooden vessels by blending contemporary woodworking techniques with ancient cultural practices. Originally trained in photography, Ryujin's vessels display her talent for creating exquisite forms and compositions and are marked with a deep sense of character and transcendent elegance.

Vessel Project

June 1- July 29

The Vessel Project is an exploration of the vessel en masse, as imagined by Melbourne’s most creative practitioners. The showcase continues the examination of modern amphorae in Jugs, and celebrates Craft's curatorial collaboration with the NGV for Vessels – now showing as part of Melbourne Now at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia. 

Read about the exhibition.

Material: burnt timber


Photography: Henry Trumble

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