Lucy Tolan

Lucy Tolan – Mutable Deep Blue #1, 2022


I've always been mesmerised by an ultramarine blue, its intensity is intoxicating. I'm fascinated by how a pigment so intense, so strong, and bold can invoke such gentle and calm emotions, in comparison to a colour like red which with the same intoxicating intensity, induces such passionate, fiery feelings. These objects revisit the large-scale, sculptural structures of my series 'Construct, Disrupt' which were an exploration of contrasting materiality and the beginning of my love affair with 'seams' - a feature that's become so integral to my practice.

Lucy Tolan is an artist based in Naarm (Melbourne). She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at RMIT in 2018 specialising in ceramics. Lucy wants her work to occupy the space where architecture and landscape meet. With repetitive patterns and bold colour, her objects are informed by modernist architecture and have textile-like qualities, combining soft and hard. She is concerned with juxtaposing form and texture to create both tension and harmony. Lucy hand-builds her work using a combination of pinch and slab-building techniques. She collects and creates repetitive textures using natural and self-made objects.

It's not just blue

November 24 - January 21

A gathering of works by Australian artists, crafts people and designers, in a maximalist exploration of the colour blue in all its hues.  

Anke Kindle / Anna Varendorff / Anne U / Ara Dolatian / Ash Allen / Bastard Ceramics / Camille Laddawan / Caro Pattle / Christopher Plumridge / Curio Practice / Dean Norton / Dean Toepfer / Ebony Russell / Ella Saddington / Georgina Proud / House Editions / Iluka Sax-Williams / Jess Sellinger / Jordan Fleming / Kristin Burgham / Louise Meuwissen / Lucy Tolan / Michael Gittings / Nicole Lawrence / Owen Rye / Real Non-Real / Sguscio / Shimara Carlow / Tara Shackell / Terunobu Hirata / Tia Ansell / Yen Qin

Material: Stoneware, glazed interior and exterior

Dimensions: approx. 25 x 22 x 30cm

Please note, works purchased as gifts will be made available for collection by December 20 for the gifting season, all others will remain on exhibition until January 21 

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