Lex Stobie

Lex Stobie — Stab in the Dark Knife Block in Tasmanian Oak


A simple section to store your tactical tools. The Stab in the Dark knife block is crafted by hand in Lex Stobie's Adelaide-based furniture studio. 

Lex Stobie is a furniture designer and maker living in Adelaide. Working with local and managed resources, Lex Stobie produces bespoke design commissions and small run editions of furniture. Stobie's pieces are highly sought after for their instinctive Scandinavian design ethos and aesthetic.

As a designer, he explores everyday relationships and rituals with the spaces we inhabit, drawing upon his love of nature. Stobie compliments traditional and modern production techniques to produce pieces that represent the materials used.

Lex Stobie is recognised for his contribution to the South Australian furniture design vernacular and aesthetic. 2005 saw the birth of his signature piece designed exclusively for Great Dane, heralded as one of Great Dane's Top Ten Great Products. 

Materials: Tasmanian Oak 

Dimensions: approx. 27.5cm x 20.5 x 7.5cm 

Please note - each tray may vary slightly from the image shown, due to the natural variation in timber grain 

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