Leon Zhan

Leon Zhan – 'New York Yankees Mountain Vase', 2023


New York Yankees Mountain Vase (2022) is a part of Neo-Dynasty, an ongoing series by Leon Zhan that converges Chinese antiquity with sports by fusing the tradition of Chinese ceramics with the iconography of iconic sports teams. Through a meticulous stencilling and airbrushing process, Zhan paints onto found objects to merge histories and cultures past and present to celebrate the beauty and complexity that emerges from the intersection of these influences.

Leon Zhan (2000) is an artist working across painting and sculpture. Born in Melbourne to Chinese immigrant parents, Zhan’s highly finished practice is heavily influenced by his own diasporic upbringing. Negotiating the orient and the occident, his work converges historic and contemporary subjects, ideas and aesthetics to synthesize new meanings. Zhan’s work finds solace in the grey area of perpetual in-betweenness created by cross-culturally hybridity.


May 6- June 24

Read about the exhibition.

Jugs is part of Melbourne Design Week 2023, an initiative of the Victorian Government in collaboration with the NGV.

Material: enamel on porcelain

Dimensions: approx. 1390 x 60 x 60cm

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