Leah Jackson - Combinations Vase in Orange, Pink, Yellow and Blue

Leah Jackson

Leah Jackson is a Melbourne based artist and designer working with hand built and slip cast ceramics. Completing a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Hons) at the ANU School of Art in 2003, Leah has exhibited in a number of in group shows held at Pieces of Eight, The Melbourne Art Fair, The L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program and PAN Gallery.  In 2009 she had a solo exhibition; Adytum, held at TCB art Inc. As part of the 2009/10 exhibition committee for Ceramics Victoria, Leah curated Oasis, Ceramic Victoria's contribution to the Herring Island Festival 2010. Her functional production line has been used in ongoing collaborative arrangements by Liv Barrett and Joshua Petherick and the series presented at Craft is made from high fired porcelain with hand detailing.  


This piece was created for the Combinations exhibition in Craft's window gallery. 

Material: porcelain

Dimensions: height 25.5cm, diameter 16cm at widest point, 11cm across top 

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