Kenji Uranishi - Tenmaku Lidded Box, Silver with 8 Pleats


‘Tenmaku’ means tent or pavilion in Japanese, a little space made from fabric that often houses something wonderful; the magic of the circus, the excitement of the Japanese ‘undokai’ (sports day), or the quiet space sheltering weary campers. There’s something inherently comforting about these forms and fabric; soft, yet strong, that drove Kenji to reimagine them in porcelain. Perfect for housing treasures and memories.

Kenji Uranishi is a Japanese-born, Australian-based artist whose work draws upon the longstanding traditions of ceramics in Japanese art and culture. Kenji studied at the Nara College of Fine Arts and upon graduation, worked mostly with stoneware clay, exhibiting throughout Japan—from small gallery spaces to large municipal museums.

Since moving to Australia in 2004, Kenji’s interest in tradition has increasingly worked in dialogue with the contemporary. The move also signalled a critical shift in his practice as he began working predominantly with porcelain, hand building translucent white, often architecturally inspired objects.  


Material: The silver Tenamku lidded box (8 pleats) is made from porcelain with platinum on-glaze

Dimensions: approximately 4.5 x 5 x 5 cm.

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