Katherine Hubble

Katherine Hubble — 'Hatchery Strand Series', 2019 - 2021

Hatchery Strand Series was made upon my return to Melbourne after my fieldwork in Broome where I visited Willie Creek pearl farm. Here, I experienced pearl hatchery firsthand and learnt about Willie Creek farm's cultivation methods. This series is informed by this experience and all that I saw in the hatchery.
Katherine Hubble is a contemporary Australian art jeweller currently undertaking a Master of Fine Art at RMIT University in Melbourne. Combining industrial processes with gold and silversmithing techniques, Hubble explores new perspectives on traditional jewellery. Hubble has won numerous awards and exhibited both in Australia and abroad.


Established by Craft Victoria in 2015, the Victorian Craft Awards is a biennial event presenting and celebrating excellence in contemporary craft practice. The Awards showcase exceptional works utilising craft skills, processes and materials and include emerging, mid-career and established craftspeople from across Victoria.  

The Finalists.

Adam Markowitz & Oliver Tanner, Alexsandra Pontonio, Amanda Ho, Ana Petidis, Anke Kindle, Anna Davern, Anton Gerner, Australian Tapestry Workshop & Troy Emery, Beverley Meldrum, Blanche Tilden, Cara Johnson, Cassie Leatham, Christopher Plumridge, Damien Wright & Bonhula Yunupingu, Danielle Thiris, Darren Healey, Ema Shin, Grace Brown, Holly Grace. Iluka Sax-Williams, James Lemon, Jane Sawyer, Jenna Lee, Jennifer Conroy-Smith, Jessie French, Jin Ah Jo, Jo Hawley, Juanita Mulholland, Katherine Hubble, Katrina Tyler, Kirby Bourke (Two Lines Studio), Kirsten Haydon, Kristin Burgham, Lee Darroch, Lindy McSwan, Lisa Waup, Liv Boyle, Louise Meuwissen & Ebony Russell, Marcos Guzman, Mechelle Shooter, Michaela Pegum, Michelle Stewart, Narelle White, Nicole Polentas, Prue Venables, Roseanne Bartley, Samuel Burns, Sara Lindsay, Shimara Carlow, Sophia Cai, Thomas Lentini, Timothy Gresham, Timothy White, Troy Emery & Daniel Poole, Vicki Mason, Yi Jen Chu, Zhu Ohmu. 


Materials:  Polypropylene, vinyl tint, elastic, 3D printed resin, silver, push toggle

Dimensions: 25cm x 30cm x 5cm, 20cm x 25cm x 5cm

Photography: Fred Kroh 

Read more about the Victoria Craft Awards and this years judging panel here

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