Kate Rohde

Kate Rohde — Limited Edition Animal Print Wallpaper


Luminous Realms, a major solo exhibition by acclaimed Australian artist Kate Rohde, sees the Craft exhibition space transformed into a hallucinatory Wunderkammer or ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ to present an immersive installation of newly created and retrospective ornamental vitrines brimming with artificial flora and fauna, faux taxidermy, assemblages, and zoomorphic sculptural vessels.

In Luminous Realms, Rohde’s work subverts notions of value and preciousness while drawing parallels between traditional art and craft technologies through a commentary on contemporary digital design and the use of the most pervasive synthetic materials of the 20th Century. This exhibition marks the launch of Craft’s contemporary showcase Focus on Craft and is the first iteration of a dedicated exhibition program which recognises the careers of outstanding exhibiting artists whose works are embedded in craft materiality and technique.

As part of the exhibition, Craft has created with Kate and Interior Productions a bespoke range of limited edition wallpapers printed on the highest quality eco-friendly papers. Appropriate for entire rooms and mural application, this series draws on Rohde's three designs for the exhibition - 'animal', 'gem' and 'hair'. Each roll is 20 metres in length and moves through a repeat series of colour gradients. 


Please feel free to get in contact with Craft staff for further details. 

Materials: High-Res Digitally Printed 190 g/m2 Non-Woven wallpaper

PVC-free and eco-friendly

Dimensions: Each roll measures 20 metres long and 0.52m in width. 

Suitable for indoor application 



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