Kate Jones — Small Terracotta Vessel in Dark Blue

Kate Jones

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Melbourne ceramicist Kate Jones’ latest collection was conceived during a twilight drive on the Eastern Freeway. Paying homage to Baudelaire’s view of the revelation of ‘ordinary’ spectacle each piece resonates with the physical and emotional impact of this light on the built and natural environment. The relationships between internal space and landscape are reflected in the quiet exteriors and glowing interiors of the works.  Built from terracotta clay, painted with terra sigillata and internally glazed, each vessel operates dualistically, reading as image and object, individual and part of a contiguous whole. Kate studied with Shane Kent at Box Hill Institute of TAFE and is currently completely her Bachelor of Fine Arts at RMIT. She has previously exhibited twice at Craft as part of the Breakfast Club project.


Material: hand-painted terracotta 

Dimensions: height 4.6cm, width 9.8cm

Shown here with Kate Jones' Medium Terracotta Vase in Blue

Category: sculpture

Type: Ceramics

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