Karla Way

Karla Way — Long Tail Pendant


Karla Way is a Melbourne based jeweller who has completed studies in gold and silversmithing at both NMIT and RMIT University. Karla has exhibited her work nationally and internationally. Employing both traditional and modern materials, both naturally occurring and man made, Karla makes jewellery, art object and vessels. She is interested in the transformative ability of materials and draws inspiration from the extensive pre/history of jewellery, hollowware and personal object. Questions arise as to their age and their origins. Familiar forms are engulfed and obscured, and in some cases, new structures erupt from an amorphous body, implying that therein lies an unearthed treasure. 


Materials: hand-formed acrylic beads and silk thread

Dimensions: 82cm chain; bead is 4.5cm in length

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