Julian Leigh May

Julian Leigh May – Unity Rituals, 2022


Unity Rituals, Brings forth the notions of connection and shared experiences. The fragility of glass opposed by the weight of the goblets, inviting the holders to embrace and cherish the moment they share while linked by the vessels joining chains. 

Julian Leigh May (they/them) is a Naarm/Melbourne_based experimental designer and co_founder of Misc Objet, a curatorial partnership that seeks to create safe spaces and equal opportunities for emerging designers. Their work transcends barriers between art and design, spanning furniture, lighting and object design.Central to their practice is an interest in redefining everyday objects through new narratives, material experimentations and forms. Exhibiting nationally and internationally, their work has been presented at Melbourne Design Week in 2022 and at the Taiwan Design Expo in 2022 as part of their Pier_2 Artist_In_Residence.


November 17 – January 7

Presenting works by Anna Varendorff, Caro Pattle, Drew Spangenberg, Julian Leigh May, Katie-Ann Houghton, Kenny Yong-soo Son, Rowsaan, Studio Dokola, _Three Litres & Yeend Studio

Cheers, salud, bottoms up! Along with the clink of a glass, this is the universally recognised sound of celebration. Ten Australian artists and makers from diverse material practises, have considered the experience of celebration to present one-off and limited-edition vessels and accompanying drinking accessories Ð just in time for the festive season.

Material: blown glass, sterling silver

Dimensions: variable

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