Jill Symes

Jill Symes — Sculptural Oval Vessel Black & Green Gloss


Jill Symes is a Melbourne-based ceramic artist producing a continuously developing body of ceramic vessels and sculptures which demonstrate developed hand-building skills and a mature understanding of the possibilities of earthenware clays and glazing techniques.

The use of ancient hand-crafting methods allow her to feel the natural rhythms of her media, emphasized by the application of an earthy palette of coloured slips onto a firmed clay canvas, resulting in a tactile combination of soft lines, natural curves and a sense of immediacy in her vessels and sculptures evocative of the timeless Australian landscape.

Earth materials combined with lively brushwork and colour come together to produce a series of finely crafted contemporary artworks.


Materials: terracotta, hand painted black and green gloss glaze

Dimensions: approx. 19cm x 15cm x 16cm

This is a unique work

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