Jessie French

Jessie French — ‘Dark Matters’, 2022


Jessie French's bioplastic algae series showcases the potential for algae as a sustainable material within contemporary art, craft and design.   

The series is the outcome of deep research into materials and processes and is made using an algal polymer and a range of pigments – including a selection of microalgae grown in studio. The material is completely biodegradable and can be recycled into new items or composted in a home system.  
The tableware series references the literal act of consumption and the household context. Geopolitical infrastructure and inaction present significant challenges to everyday sustainable lifestyles, and French proposes a bottom-up solution to address the huge issue we have with waste and the use of petrochemical plastics.   


Jessie French explores speculative futures through algae-based bioplastic and water-based ecologies. 

Housed within an ethos of consumption, sustainability and regeneration, her practice invites others to engage with the possibilities of a post-petrochemical world. Through experimenting with other materials, she explores the potential of closed-loop systems of (re)use and conscious consumption and interaction with objects. 

In 2020, French founded OTHER MATTER, an experimental design studio working with algae-based bioplastics which engages others in the possibilities of new materials though objects, experiences and futures. 


As a participant in the inaugural Melbourne Design Fair, Craft Victoria will present a curated collection of the most exciting makers in Australian craft and design. The exhibition will feature 13 makers working across ceramics, textiles, glass and metal, including textile artist Anastasia La Fey, ceramic artist Belle Thierry, textile artist Caro Pattle, ceramic artist Danielle Thiris, furniture and lighting designer Dean Toepfer, artist and experimental designer Jessie French, metalsmith Kenny Yong-Soo, multidisciplinary artist and weaver Lisa Waup, glass artist Misseu, ceramicist Owen Rye, ceramicist Vanessa Lucas, and ceramicist Yoko Ozawa.

Makers will come together in an immersive installation with emerging practitioners featured alongside established designers, showcasing creative ingenuity and material mastery.

Initiated by the NGV Department of Contemporary Design and Architecture and delivered in collaboration with the Melbourne Art Foundation, the fair is a new platform for the craft and design community to bring their collective creative energy together and sell one-off, limited edition pieces in a unique, cultural experience over five days.


Materials: hot rolled steel, algae-based bioplastic developed by the artist, Athrospira platensis microalgae

Dimensions:  approx. 60cm x 60cm

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