Jessie French

Jessie French — '26. Algae bioplastic tall vessel CP ' 2021


As the planet faces increasing challenges related to the human-driven climate crisis, bioplastics made from renewable organic materials are gathering exponential interest for their potential as a sustainable material. FUTURE FORM showcases the potential for algae as a sustainable material through a collection of algae bioplastic tableware. The tableware-form of these works reference both the literal act of consumption and the household context.

Geopolitical infrastructure and inaction present significant challenges to everyday sustainable lifestyles. In response, this work proposes a bottom-up solution that can be implemented within the home. The items in this exhibition is the outcome of deep research into materials and processes.

The material is organic and completely biodegradable. If not recycled into new items, these items can be composted in a home system. When disposed, critters living in soil (as well as waterways, should they end up there) can consume them and they function as fertiliser for plants as they break down. Each vessel is made using an algal polymer and a range of pigments – including a selection of microalgae grown in the studio. They are sold alongside custom-designed ceramic shaping moulds.

*Collector pieces (CP)
These items are intricately patterned, complex and particularly special pieces and are part of a distinct production series

28 July - 28 August 2021
Members Vitrine Gallery

Jessie French is an artist and experimental designer, working with bioplastics. Her practice explores consumption, symbiosis, ecology, science and technology in the context of human experience amidst human-driven environmental crisis. She is interested in engaging with environmentally vital issues and experimental artistic projects refracted through the lens of science. 

Materials: Algae bioplastic 2021

Dimensions: 140mm x 45mm approx

Please note this work is part of Jessie French's exhibition now showing at Craft in the Members Vitrine Gallery until 28 August 2021. Purchased works will be available after this date.

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