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Janet Beckhouse

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Janet Beckhouse’s intricate hand-built ceramics represent the artist’s intuitive responses to the universal elements of life, death and human relationships. The whimsical works chart a symbolic psychological narrative that supplants the banality and literality of everyday life with a kind of fantastical mystery.

Each delicate layer of detail materialises a less familiar world beyond the realm of appearances, challenging the viewer’s perception of reality. Imbued with a feminist tinge, the works often depict struggle and torment intermixed with sensuality, which, for Beckhouse, is a part of womanhood that ‘is (hers) to reclaim and explore’.

From macabre worm-adorned women and memento mori skulls to oriental pseudo-gods, exotic snake charmers and native Australian flora, the works are at once beautiful and enthralling, confronting and disturbing. 

Materials: stoneware


Category: teapot

Type: Ceramics

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