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Jane Robertson

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Jane is a Master of Visual Arts graduate specialising in Ceramics. She lives in the Adelaide Hills where the rocky ironstone landscape and the changing light through the seasons is her source of inspiration.

‘My work is imbued with metaphoric meanings, my vessels are made from ideas around bird’s nests and eggs and symbolise the home where sanctuary, nurture and emotional safety are at its heart and from which freedom can be enjoyed. Imperfection is a human condition and I seek to reflect this by contrasting the purity of Southern Ice porcelain with the roughness of iron saturated dug clay additions from my home. The smooth Shino type glazed interior with the rough exterior is gas fired in reduction at 1280 degrees Celsius.’


Materials: Southern Ice porcelain with iron saturated dug clay additions

Dimensions: Height 13cm, opening 8cm, base 4cm

Category: ceramic vase

Type: Ceramics

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