Isabel Avendano Hazbun

Isabel Avendano-Hazbun — OMG Magnetic Wrist Cuff


Isabel Avendano Hazbun has a practice driven by process. Completing both a Bachelor of Design in Textiles from COFA at UNSW and a Certificate IV in Fine-Furniture Design and Technology from the Sturt School for Wood in Mittagong, NSW – Avendano Hazburn works both in and at the intersection of fibre and wood. Recipient of both the Clarence Prize for Excellence in Furniture Design and the Melbourne Fringe Furniture Award for Best Lighting in 2015, Avendano Hazburn’s deeply sculptural and explorative practice results in works of meticulous detail and finish. 


Oh My Goddess is a new body of work which draws on her experiences growing up in Colombia and explores mythical and historical representations of women, gender and identity.

Isabel’s grandmother was a costume maker and seamstress, and Isabel recounts days spent in her studio as a child watching her create elaborate and colourful pieces for the Carnaval de Barranquilla.

Working with a diversity of process from the steaming and carving of timbers to her use of traditional upholstery techniques, each piece has been made by hand and holds armour like qualities, claiming the space through their richness of colour and exaggerated proportions.

Materials: layered cotton on nylon thread, earth magnets 

Dimensions: 6cm inner diameter x 6.5cm width 

Care instructions:  each piece can be gently hand washed if needed 

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