Ignem Terrae

Ignem Terrae — Sentire Vessel

A sculptural vessel by Emily Hamann of Ignem Terrae Ceramics, presented as part of Craft's summer group exhibition, Shaped.
Emily Hamann of Ignem Terrae Ceramics is an artist and designer based in Sydney, Australia. Hamann obtained a Bachelor of Design at the renowned fashion college RMIT in Melbourne. After more than a decade designing for the fashion industry Hamann switched disciplines; replacing the soft and often unpredictable medium of fabric with a more malleable, grounding material that is clay. Hamann’s understanding of the interrelationship between materials and the human form has underpinned her exploration of sculptural forms; the body is absent, yet always implied.
November 23, 2021 — January 22, 2022

Our summer exhibition brings together more than 80 works by over 30 Australian artists in a maximalist exploration of the relationship between maker and material. Celebrating diverse materials and the transformative potential of making, artists explore rich ideas through object and material storytelling.

Crafted from glass, wood, fibre, metal, ceramic, stone, each work embodies innovation and careful consideration of materials and processes.

Please note: Works will be available to collect at the end of the exhibition. Works intended as Christmas gifts may be collected from the 19th November at 2pm by advanced arrangement.


Materials: stoneware with shiny interior glaze

Dimensions: approx. 34 x 24cm

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