Iggy & Lou Lou - 'Driptopia' Amphora Vase

Iggy & Lou Lou

Irene Grishin-Selzer is the artist behind the label Iggy and Lou Lou. She has a Masters degree in ceramics and established the jewellery and homewares collection in 2003. Each piece is lovingly hand-crafted and kiln fired up to four times to attain the patina of buried treasure. Collections are rich with historical references, decorative themes and narratives - from ocean depths to forest folk, sixteenth century Momento Mori and the black and white characters of Film Noir. Such influences imbue each piece with the presence of a much-loved heirloom.  The work celebrates a myriad of contrasts- love and loss, pleasure and fear, beauty and death.  


This piece is a hand made original, no other will exist with the same drips and brush strokes. These pieces are handmade, numbered, and made to keep forever. 

Material: porcelain. 

Dimensions: height 27cm, width 22cm, depth 8cm. 


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