Helen & Shane Walsh — Olive-Handled Cheese Knife

Helen Walsh

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Working side by side with wood for several decades, Helen and Shane wash have complimentary practices.

Shane’s work enjoys the challenge of reclaimed and recycled timbers, maximising their lifespan by forming them into functional pieces. His boxes are finely finished, and work with the characteristics of the material to full effect. Discretely hidden magnets, of Shanes own design, are recessed into the bases of the boxes, creating a satisfying connection between the box and its perfectly fitted drawer. Shane’s work is finished with Tung Oil, creating a beautiful lustre and nourishing the wood, to create a finish that requires little maintenance.

Helen’s bowls and spoons are organic in form and are guided to their shapes by a combination of a fine design eye and the natural inclinations of the timbre used. Her wooden bowls and spoons are simple and strong in their forms, and are designed for daily use. Their gentle patina brings the inherent warmth of wood to the table. Helen also favours reclaimed and recycled timbers, for their diversity of colours and textures.


Material: olive timber and Headley Vince stainles steel 

Dimensions: length 20cm, diameter of handle 1.6cm

Category: utensils

Type: Wood

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