Georgie Brunmayr

Georgie Brunmayr – 'The Full Ellipses', 2023


Ellipses series is a celebration of local industry and small-scale textile manufacturing. To create the work, Brunmayr worked closely with a local mattress manufacturer, pairing her technical-weave material with their specialist quilting processes. The resulting fabric, featuring geometric embroidery, has been upholstered onto large, semi-functional forms inviting playful engagement – inviting the viewer to touch, sit on and play with the works. The series is an expression of the technical complexities used within contemporary textile production and makes attribution to the numerous hands, processes, and minds within the local industry. For Brunmayr, the installation celebrates the artistry of weaving, knitting and quilting and fosters a deep sense of collaboration and shared creativity.

Georgie Brunmayr is a material designer specialising in textile innovation and technical weave structures. She has a diverse portfolio spanning fashion, lifestyle, and commercial design and has worked with a wide range of brands across Europe, the USA and China. Brunmayr’s expertise lies in closely collaborating with material-making machines to create pieces ranging from highly technical footwear to knitted homewares. Brunmayr approaches her practice with an intuitive, authentic design process that reveals stories through touch and form. In 2019, she founded the label CURIO Practice.

Occupying Space

September 23 – November 4

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Material: woven New Zealand merino wool, cotton, recycled poly wadding, foam (3 components)

Dimensions: 1 x Large: 127W x 74D x 194H cm. x2 Smalls: 88W x 74D x 60H cm

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