Caracus by Fiona Watkins

Fiona Watkins — Smokey Quartz Hanging Cube Earrings


Caracus uses vintage and alternative materials, which gives the jewellery uniqueness. All pieces are handmade and one of a kind or small production. “It is often colour or a found object that informs my work. I love working with vintage materials, mixing the old with the new. A lost bauble evokes an old memory that can be refashioned to create something beautiful again. Travel is another big inspiration and it is often where I source my materials. I love to wander around new places and look for something unusual that can’t be found anywhere else. Ultimately, though, it is the wearer of the work that truly brings the piece to life. It is always the greatest pleasure to see it being worn.”

Materials: sterling silver, smokey quartz

Dimensions: length 3cm, width 2cm

*Each piece is crafted by hand and as such subtle variances may exist from piece to piece. 

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