Findings - Manon van Kouswij


Trained as a goldsmith, Manon van Kouswijk studied jewellery in art school. Her work shows an interest in the universal qualities of jewellery and personal objects, the value, associations, and meanings they represent, and the different roles they play, whether as gifts, souvenirs, or heirlooms. Utilising a diverse range of materials such as paper, porcelain, and wood, she makes aspects of the way we use and handle things visible in the objects themselves. Through found photos from popular culture and showing her collections, the book delves into Van Kouswijk’s world of imagined talismans, ornamental residues, and bead heritage. With texts by Benjamin Lignel.
Design: Yanni Florence & Manon van Kouswijk
88 pages
Edition of 800
Dimensions: closed book is 30.8 x 27.8, spine thickness 1.5cm

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