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Felicity Large

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Pursuing a thorough and rigorous pathway of training as a jeweller, Felicity Large has received a BA in Fine Arts from Monash University, and Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology: Jewellery from NMIT, and has been studying under the tuition of Master Jewellers Graeme and Sarah Kellett for the past two years (in addition to an Honours degree in Languages from Melbourne University!). Felicity’s commitment to fine making combined with her conceptual training in Fine Arts distinguishes her practice from those trained from only one of these disciplines, and this commitment combined with an appreciation of qualities inherent in precious metals form the structure of Felicities practice.

Competitions and awards are a part of Felicity’s practice, most recently inclusion in the Buda Contemporary Australian Silver and Metalwork Award Exhibition 2015. Quality and skill are major influences on her practice, in order that the owner of her pieces can get many years of enjoyment from her work.


Material: 9ct rose gold

Dimensions: pendant dimensions: 2.5cm x 4cm, chain length: 40cm. 

Category: necklace

Type: Jewellery

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