Ella Bendrups

Ella Bendrups — Tall 'Calliope' Sculptural Vase in Black


Ella Bendrups is a ceramic artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Utilising solely hand-building techniques, Ella creates innate forms refined for a modern context. 

With a background in styling supported by studies in Communication Design and Interior Design and Decoration at RMIT University, Ella began social ceramics classes in late 2015 before progressing to a self-led explorative practice. 

Ella hand-builds each of her pieces in a home studio, working on one small group of related pieces at a time. 

'Calliope' Series

A faceted single handled bottle, Calliope is a modern interpretation of ancient Greek forms and part of the Muses series. Each piece is hand coiled and smoothed prior to being faceted. The black clay has been treated with a Liquid Quartz sealer.

Ideal for use as an art object or vase. Please note it is always recommended to place ceramic pieces on a trivet or runner to protect surfaces from potential damage, especially when being used as a vase.

Materials: black clay

Dimensions: approx. 29.5cm x 9cm

1 piece in stock.

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