Elise Sheehan — Four Circles Sculpture

Elise Sheehan

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Elise Sheehan is a jeweller and object maker who is interested in the exploration of what exists, what doesn’t and imagining outcomes of the two colliding. The dualities of internal/external or absence/presence are mutual relationships that form an ongoing investigation into materiality. Through the process of making and arranging of objects, this repeated methodology often highlights the container and the contained. The interplay and vulnerability between what differentiates the internal and external space or absence and presence is the subject of consideration within her work which spans across small scale object making as well as larger installation based work.


Materials: Copper, Wood, Acrylic Paint 

Dimensions: base 9.5cm diameter x height 3cm, tall circles 14cm height, shorter circle 9cm height, overall height 17cm

Category: sculpture

Type: Jewellery

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