Elena Strohfeldt

Elena Strohfeldt — 'Having a Shower'

A sculptural vessel which formed part of Elena Strohfeldt's 'Gold' exhibition. 

Each 'Gold' vase stands as a testament to the quiet victories that go unnoticed. In a world where achievements are often measured by grandiose accomplishments, this series of works turns the spotlight onto the seemingly mundane. It's a recognition that for some, the simplest tasks can feel like climbing mountains. Each vase, with its unique design and name, symbolises a "gold medal" – a reward for overcoming the obstacles that make ordinary activities challenging. 

Elena Strohfeldt is a self-taught ceramicist based in Melbourne. Through her practice, Elena explores the therapeutic nature of clay with the aim to share its healing power, especially for mental health. She hand builds each piece with texture to create a more intimate experience for the views, believing that art should be accessible to all. 

Elena has held four solo shows and has sold work internationally. She has been featured in a number of prestigious magazines and has also exhibited as part of Melbourne Design Week. 

Materials: black groggy clay with gold crackle glaze

Dimensions: approx.  30 x 18 x 8cm


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