Ele Misko - Firework Earring Green (Short)

Ele Misko

Working as a jewellery designer and maker, Ele Misko’s collections push at the boundaries of conventional jewellery design. Ele’s work is made here in Melbourne but she cites from cities she has visited in the titling of her pieces, and indeed a unique and international flavour colours her style. She rejects jewellery's conventional codes of ‘preciousness’ in her work, and endeavours to create sculptural pieces that come alive when worn.

Misko's works are sculptural and comfortable, and within these pieces feature gems and combinations of metals in unexpected combinations – idiosyncratic palattes of her own style. It is as if the architecture of travel offers her forms and shapes which are then translated into objects of adornment.


Fireworks Earring Green (short) - Single Only (More in-store and online)

Materials: Oxidised Silver & Anodised Aluminium.



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