Elaine Terrick - Woven Basket

Elaine Terrick

Elaine was born in Bairnsdale and is the daughter of Edith Terrick (O’Rourke) and John Terrick. Elaine has a connection to the Wurundjeri people through her father and to the Bidawal people on her mother’s side. As a child, Elaine recalls gathering basket grass with her mother and Aunty Pat (Harrison). Hearing stories from the old days, Elaine learnt traditional weaving and the importance of patience. She also learnt how to incorporate rare red reeds into unique baskets designs. The resulting distinctive pattern, which will never fade, enables the basket to be identified as being a Terrick design from East Gippsland due to the method and grasses used.


Materials: Natural Grasses 

Dimensions: 24cm x 19cm

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