Edwina Bolger - Blankie Echidna

Edwina Bolger

Combining a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Melbourne University, a Post Graduate Diploma in Curatorial Studies from Melbourne University, and a Dip Ed. in Secondary teaching from RMIT, with a lifetime practice working with textiles and knit, Edwina Bolger creates beautifully considered and finished works in soft fibres.

Edwina’s practice emphasises the highest quality of hand making for the soft toys, quilts and knits she produces. This skill and consideration is supported by the provenance of the materials used in the projects, conscientiously chosen with the environment in mind. Additionally, consideration of the function of the objects is mirrored by Edwina’s improvisation and consideration of the design process. She works regularly and collaboratively on projects and commissions, and her work is designed to be used and loved, and easily cared for.

Blankie Koala combines nostalgia with contemporary Australiana, a stylised Koala toy in soft pastel tartan blanket fabric. Hand made in Melbourne.

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Materials: 100% wool with poly-fill stuffing.

Dimensions: 18cm x 28cm

Care instructions: Machine washable in cool water on gentle cycle. Dry flat in shade, do not bleach, do not tumble dry.

Each Blankie toy has one side with an open eye, and one side with a closed eye. The eyes are embroidered, and so are safe for small people. 

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