Edward John Flower — Leather Pouch

Edward John Flower

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Edward Flower started his life as a traditional Wamba Wamba man whose family lived on Moonahculla and in the Werai forest and then later on the mud flats in North Deniliquin on the banks of the Kolety (Edward) River. 

Edward had the fortunate opportunity to meet an old Aboriginal Elder on the Darling Downs called Eric Leslie who taught him the craft of leather work. “Eric was a gentleman, very knowledgeable and he spent his younger years working as a ringer on the stations in Western Queensland.  Eric told me that whatever he taught me, I should be able to improve on it and take it to another level, which I believe I have done by using a more diverse range of products such as Kangaroo, Emu, Alligator, Cow hide, Quandong seeds, Gumnuts and imported snake skins.” Edward said


Materials: Kangaroo Leather

Dimensions: 15cm x 10cm

Category: pouch

Type: Accessories

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