Eden Fiske

Eden Fiske — Warriors Death 2022


Warriors Death is an allegorical painting that traverses the visual language of tradition, violence and sanctity, in an attempt to understand the Warrior Spirit. The work traverses the visual language of European and Indigenous art histories creating an assemblage with no direct hierarchy, a hybrid form which speaks of the difficulty of physical and spiritual identity. Upon the canvas there is a mapped struggle between temporality, culture and the creation of new myths.

Eden Fiske is a curator, writer and painter. His practices are driven by a continued exploration into alternative histories and the fact of Aboriginal sovereignty in Country, creativity and the self. In an attempt to pull apart the narrative of Australian art histories, he displays the complexity of physical and spiritual identities and connection to place. This is informed partially by exploring his own mixed Aboriginal and settler heritage. Eden seeks to address the ways in which language, gesture, aesthetics and memory coalesce inter-culturally between Aboriginal/ settler histories in art and in oneself to create a holistic image of something/someone tactile. Eden is one half of creative business Alchemy Orange with Shahn Stewart.

Into the Everywhen 

Curated by Alchemy Orange

July 2 - September 3

The Everywhen refers to the spirit manifested at any or all times, represented in the living land, culture and creativity of First Nations people. It was popularised by Dr Stephen Gilchrist, a Yamatji curator and theorist, as a means of describing Australian Aboriginal relations to time and is an expression of what has otherwise been labelled ‘the Dreaming’. The Everywhen is a denial of the linear narrative inherent in settler time/histories

Materials: oil, ochre, sap, charcoal on canvas

Dimensions: 180cm x 120 cm

Works will be on exhibition until September 2

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