Ebony Addinsall - Clear Wheel Worked Whisky Glass

Ebony Addinsall

Ebony Addinsall is a Melbourne based artist who works primarily with glass. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Monash University in 2006 and graduated with Honours from the South Australian School of Art in 2007. She has received a number of commendations for her work including named a finalist in the Hobart Art Prize (2014), receiving the Northlands Glass Scholarship, Scotland (2012) and Highly Commended, Fleurieu Youth Scholarship, Adelaide (2011). Her work has been commissioned by enterprises such as Baulderstone and Crown Casino Melbourne as well as private collections in Singapore, United Kingdom, Kenya and the USA. Primarily a glass blower, kiln formed glass processes have entered her practice to produce minimal and contemplative works that occupy all areas of the gallery. Her works are often composed of several pieces to form a cohesive arrangement with consideration towards minimalist cold-working techniques and design.


Material: Hand Blown Australian Glassware with cold-working Techniques

Dimensions: 9cm height x 8cm diameter

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