Decoteca — Cocktail Spoon and Muddler in Walnut


A perfect long spoon to stir and muddle your cocktails. Use the pointy shape to remove seeds of lemons and as a a muddler. Hand carved in walut timber and finished with food safe mineral oil.

Alma Arriaga is a designer and maker based in Melbourne/Naarm making handmade furniture and homewares using local and reclaimed timber Decoteca is a contemporary take on housewares and a small batch of furniture made using traditional techniques. She founded Decoteca in 2014, in Monterrey, Mexico, a design studio that gave her a space to create her own timber pieces, encouraged local talent and opened a platform to promote new design ideas. She emphasizes that Decoteca was created not only for her to design and build timber furniture, but also with the intent to open its doors to a like-minded people. Thus, her studio offers different courses on handmade spoons and homewares. .

Material: Walnut timber

Dimensions: approx. 24cm x 3cm

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