Dean Toepfer

Dean Toepfer — New Weave, 2022


New Weave Pendant Light by Dean Toepfer for By/Product 2022

New weave is an exploration into revaluing materials from within the design industry.

If a material is no longer suited to an existing project how can it be redesigned or reinterpreted to respect its raw value? LED and wire offcuts were sourced from within the lighting industry and interventions were made to rebuild structure and redefine aesthetic. By restoring value through design we eliminate waste.


By/Product is a new product series launching at Craft Victoria. A selected group of Australian makers and designers joined the challenge of repurposing/reusing discarded materials to produce a new line of handmade products.

The aim of the series is to highlight the value of raw materials and to recognise the threat of material scarcity on designers, artists and makers, and associated impacts on their artistic and commercial outcomes. Through this process, designers and makers work to rebuild structure, redefine aesthetic appeal and reinstate value in otherwise discarded materials. 

By/Product 2022 series will officially launch on 8 March.


Materials: LED offcuts and reclaimed electrical wire.

Dimensions: approx, 80cm x 30cm x 30cm

Please note: This is a unique work, only one is available 

Contact a Craft consultant for more information 

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