Dawn Vachon

Dawn Vachon — 'Vessel 3'

A vessel was built by hand by Dawn Vachon and finished with slips and glazes. It is watertight and can be used as a vase or sculpture.

Dawn Vachon is a Canadian born ceramic artist and potter living in Coburg (Melbourne/Naarm). Dawn works with both wheel throwing and hand building techniques, on a range of ceramic pieces from everyday functional through to decorative and purely sculptural. Her practice explores the freedom and constraints of the ceramic medium and materials. Although undeniably Ceramic, through collaboration with heat she also endeavors to enlist the tension of an element of the ephemeral.

Dawn received a BFA from Emily Carr University of Art and Design (Vancouver) in 2008.  Her work was highly commended at the North Queensland Ceramic Art Awards, 2018, and was acquired by the Gold Coast City Gallery, QLD, in 2016.

Materials: ceramic (clay, slip and glaze)

Dimensions: approx.  28 x 16 x 16cm


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