Dan Bowran

Dan Bowran — Glass Sculpture


Melbourne based glass artist Dan Bowran has been awarded numerous accolades for his glass work and participated internationally in exhibitions, residencies and masterclasses in Europe, UK, USA and Australia. After graduating from the Royal College of Art, 2014. Dan continued working as an artist, technician and teacher in London before moving back to Melbourne to run the glass studios at Monash University. Along with many other projects he has been Artist in Residence at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in (Denmark) and Wolverhampton University (UK) where he continued to create work that merges mould making, kiln forming, and cold-working techniques in the hot shop.

Music, materials and making are at the core of Dan's work. After a career in audiovisual realms, Dan ventured into the world of glass while moving to London early 2000. Themes emanate from a fascination with prehistoric ingenuity, combined with a passion to illustrate the influence and evolution of materials and their associated techniques in our daily lives.


Materials: glass

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