Daisy Watt

Daisy Watt — Hand Woven Blanket


Fascinated with structure and an incurable need to understand how things work, Daisy is an Australian designer working mostly within a handwoven practice.

After moving to Melbourne at age 17, Daisy commenced study with RMIT University for 4 years, graduating in 2015 with a Diploma of Textile development and a Bachelor of Arts (Textile Design). 

With a love for the creative community, Daisy established Toast Workroom at the age of 22. The all-women communal studio space is home to half a dozen creative women who work alongside each other on their respective creative practices, as well as a platform for friends/collaborators and others within the community to launch new products.

Her works have also been featured by the likes of Frankie MagazineOutlier Blog and Also in a recent feature by Pimms Australia showcasing young women in business. Daisy now lives and works out of her studio as a weaver, a freelance designer, a lecturer at RMIT and a studio manager at Toast Workroom.

Handwoven on a 12 shaft manual dobby loom in Melbourne AUS. 

COMPOSITION: 50% Mercerized Cotton, 12% Silk, 38% Mohair

DIMENSIONS: 70cm in width and 140cm in length


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