Csongvay Blackwood

Csongvay Blackwood — 'R2.5' Sculpture


Csongvay Blackwood is the combined creative expression of Csilla Csongvay and Matt Blackwood. Their ceramic artworks balance form with function to create pieces that reference the Brutalist architecture of Csilla’s childhood in Romania and Matt’s love of Mid-Century Modern.

Their design process is based on the interplay of void and fill, movement from stillness, lightness from weight, and the tensions that exist between the curve and straight, and these elements combine to form the creative foundation of Csongvay Blackwood.

Csongvay Blackwood have won various awards and have been commissioned to appear in a range of galleries and public spaces across Australia and overseas. All their pieces are made in their Melbourne studio.


The 'R2.5' is a sculpture from Csongvay Blackwood's 'Making Waves' collection, and is based on two broad waves that are now descending from their peaks. Each piece within 'Making Waves' references a range of Reproduction numbers of COVID-19 and was exhibited during Melbourne Design Week 2021. The R number is the average number of people that one infected person will pass a virus onto another person. The entire world needs to reduce the R number to below R1.0 in order to help stop the spread of COVID-19. The lower the R number, the smaller the wave of the virus, and the smaller the wave of our 'Making Waves' sculptures.

'Making Waves' is a series of hand-built ceramic sculptures, layered in a series of undulating waves, representing the dramatic forms of pandemics across human history. Pandemics have affected our lives since the ancient Greeks and the Plague of Athens, where disease challenged democratic institutions and human behaviour to the point that it undermined the world’s first democracy. The hard-edge geometries of 'Making Waves' reference how each step towards hygiene and common good is the foundation in reducing these pandemic waves from growing into a tsunami, and by following these steps we can ultimately overcome our current COVID crisis.

Materials: stoneware

Dimensions: approx. 27cm x 12cm x 33cm

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