Craft & Design as a Career 2019

Craft Victoria

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Craft & Design as a Career

Our annual conference presents the journeys of innovative creatives and industry experts. Hear their stories, philosophies and perspectives on what it means to practice in today’s craft and design community.

Our speakers include hand-picked luminaries presenting fresh reflections on their own lives in the creative realm.

Speakers include:

  • Ana Petidis - Weaver, analog cloth + concepts

  • Annette Wagner - Multi disciplined creative

  • Anthea Riskas - Content, copy and strategy for creatives

  • Gerry Wedd - Potter

  • Honor Freeman - Ceramic artist

  • Ilka White - Visual artist, textiles artist, sculptor
  • Maree Clarke - Artist and curator

  • Maryanne Moodie - Weaver

  • Zaiba Khan - Fijian-Indian artist

Limited tickets available
$75 members
$95 non-members

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