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Artist in Residence | Christina Darras
Bottle People Workshops

9 and 10 August, 1 - 3pm
$20 - bookings essential


Christina Darras is a maker and visual poet whose practice includes jewellery, watercolour and embroidery. She has an Athenian Greek background and lives and works in Melbourne.

Christina uses her creativity to navigate through different countries and cultures. During her residency at Craft Victoria Christina will be making, researching and meeting with visitors as she develops her Bottle People project.

“This is a body of work that occurred when two images, like transparencies, overlapped: floating plastic bottles in the sea and floating people who are trying, crossing the seas, to find a safe place to live.

It is almost like, from a safe space, western societies treat with the same little respect and thought, people and plastic waste.”

Using a craft technique of painted papier mache plastic bottles, she will presents a colourful crowd of hundreds of bottle people. Through this bright installation, the artist hopes to bring light to a dark place in contemporary society.

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