Danielle Thiris

Danielle Thiris — 'This Pot Will Turn Water into Wine (But It Might Not Be Very Good Wine' 2021


I was close to my Yiayia (Greek grandmother). She performed daily religious rituals, often involving sacred vessels. Witnessing these rituals has left an impression. As a result, I am drawn to ceremonial and historic objects and am interested in how the intent and values of the user become imbued within the object over time.


Danielle Thiris is a Naarm/Melbourne based ceramic artist. She uses a South Australian terracotta clay and hand-builds her pieces using a combination of prehistoric techniques, such as coiling, pinching and carving. Prehistoric vessels, ritual and ceremonial objects, identity, nature (human, animal and plant) and humour are some of the thematic explorations in her practice.

Danielle holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts from the University of South Australia and a Bachelor of Textile Design from RMIT. She was also a finalist in the Spring Sculpture Prize 2018 and awarded the Bendigo Pottery Award Spring Sculpture Prize in 2019.

Materials: terracotta, terrasigillata,

Dimensions: approx. 36cm x 32 x 18cm

Please note this work is part of our New Makers series and will be available 

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