Cone 11 — Mottled Lidded Vessel

Cone 11

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Ilona Topolcsanyi and Colin Hopkins combine their skills to practice as potters under the label Cone 11 ceramics. From their studio in Abbotsford, Ilona and Colin make table and sculptural ware in porcelains and terracotta, wheel thrown, and characterised by the marks of the makers hands.

Arriving at ceramics 13 years ago, Ilona has been instrumental in forming ceramics studio co-operatives, teaching, producing her label, and travelling to both Asia and Europe to research her craft. Colin has moved from a background in architecture to work in ceramics, bringing his training in proportion and design to the wheel, as a part of Cone 11.

Cone 11 works are clean in form and utilise strong gestures of colour to provide a graphic statement. Their wares are table, dishwasher and oven proof and add distinct pleasure with use, to cooking and eating.


Materials:  stoneware

Dimensions: diameter 10.2cm, height 9.5cm

Category: box

Type: Ceramics

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