Claire Ellis

Claire Ellis— Solace Container


Ecological grief is a growing response to experienced and anticipated loss caused by environmental destruction or climate change. Yet, there is comfort and hope to be found in solutions. Solace is a collection of wheel-thrown lidded vessels made using ceramic materials and waste. This body of work is a culmination of the artist's research and development using transformed plastic, glass and eggshells in her practice. Plastic clay bags collected from Melbourne ceramics studios are crafted by hand into lids, eggshells are the source of calcium in the glaze recipe and glass bottles from Melbourne restaurants line the inside of the vessels.

Perfect as a jewellery box or container for trinkets or treasures. The Solace Container was launched during Melbourne Design Week 2022, was exhibited in Milan Design Week 2022 and was featured in Design Milk, The Design Files, Hunter & Folk, Yellowtrace, Design Anthology and Plural Magazine.

Claire Ellis (She/Her), Naarm/Melbourne. Claire's former career as a chef influences her work through a focus on raw materials and experimentation. Her research focuses on incorporating transformed 'waste' materials into her work including glass, plastic, eggshells, ceramic sink trap waste, broken ceramics and rock by-products. Her current art practice explores avenues for environmentalism, activism and catharsis in ceramics. 

Materials: Stoneware reclaim, eggshell glaze, recycled glass, recycled plastic

Dimensions: approx. 5cm x 11cm x 11cm

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